This simple tool (aka add-on.) for FreshBooks lets you update the hourly rate of a billable task, and apply the new rate to all projects using that task.

FreshBooks will propagate task rate changes for you in some circumstances; such as when a task is automatically assigned to a new project and never adjusted on the project manually.
However once you adjust or add a task when editing a project, the rate associated with that task on that project overrides the rate of the task itself.

If you’re like me, with a large number of tasks & active projects and change rates occasionally, this tool might save you some time.

To use it, you just need to authorise my developer identity for access to your FreshBooks account (FreshBooks’ recommended authentication method for add-ons.).
If you’re not comfortable with that (which is understandable.) but still interested in this (or any other.) FreshBooks integration, please feel free to get in touch.
You'll be taken an official FreshBooks page to authorise access to your account.